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Hello everyone and Welcome!!!

My name is David Brunt. I live in West Valley, Utah – USA. I am a proud independent associate of Max International LLC. Max International is a nutritional direct sales company that is labeled by many leaders in the industry as “the real deal”.

If you haven’t heard of Max International then I invite you to learn about this wonderful company and its core mission statement. Its unlike any other nutritional company out there in terms of products, compensation, support and training. The  products are “categories creators” but most importantly they actually work.  This is not only proven in scientific research and clinical studies but from the many unsolicited testimonies of actual users. In fact almost 70% of the company’s sales are from customers only.

Do your due diligence and you will also conclude that this is one special opportunity that might be the answer you been searching for, whether its health or wealth. Visit Max International official website, take time to read and learn about the breakthrough opportunity it represents – especially the products.


167843 is my ID# in case you want to join or try the products.

I will be happy to assist in any matter you might need help with.

Call me (801) 613-8308

God Bless.

Max International Products

Max International Products



  1. hi there, have been using max gxl and love it but going on holiday to bali and traveling indonesia- just checking that i will have no worries at the border taking this product into indonesia-only away for a couple of weeks so would leave it at home if there was potential for any issues

    Comment by shae | March 27, 2013 | Reply

    • There should be no issue. Its nutritional supplement. Enjoy your vacation with MaxGXL.

      David B.

      Comment by maximum4life | March 27, 2013 | Reply

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