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Loose weight by increasing Leptin sensitivity

Loose weight by increasing Leptin sensitivity

Pamala Wilson
MaxWLX Testimonial

Four months after starting on the new weight loss product Pamala has lost 26 pounds of body fat and gained a remarkable 10 pounds of lean tissue. She has lost three dress sizes.

With the exception of the first few weeks on the product, she has been doing regular exercise but nothing out of the ordinary.
Adding to the experience is the fact that Pamala recently went through menopause, which generally makes weight loss all the more challenging. With the combination of MaxGXL and Max WLX she hasn’t experienced any of the foggy brain that commonly accompanies this stage of menopause.

The Glutathione Accelerator

The Glutathione Accelerator

“Mom has Parkinsons and is unable to do many things on her own. She also was suffering with dimentia slightly or so we thought.

When I first got mom on the Max she was seeing people that weren’t there as well as was unable to process simple questions. It would take her quite some time to do so. Her eyes were clouded over as if she would lose her sight. She would often fall asleep standing up making it impossible to leave her alone at all. Since I have gotten her on the MAX the changes are astounding. Her eyes are sparkling blue again, she is so quick witted as well as she thinks as clear as a bell now. I noticed that she was falling asleep even more often than normal so I took her to the Parkinsons doctor to question if she was over medicated. He agreed that this was a possibility. He has since put her on half the medication and she no longer falls asleep standing up. She still needs to rest during the day and if she doesn’t she is falling asleep by dinner but I can handle that.

Mom also suffered from high blood pressure, swollen feet and legs (and I mean swollen).

I took her to our family doctor for a routine check and while there this doctor felt she was also overmedicated with blood pressure pills. Since that visit mom is no longer on any blood pressure pills at all. Norvasc was one of the pills she was taking which causes swelling. Her legs and feet are almost normal again now.

Seems quite a coincidence that since using Max she is considered overmedicated, isn’t it!!!

While I don’t know what the future will bring for my mom it sure is nice to have her off so much of her medication as well as her quality of life is so much better.

Kevin also has had great results on Max, One huge result for him was in his wrist. Kev has had 2 surgeries on his wrist resulting in a fusion (no longer bends at the wrist) unfortunately this left him with a swollen and sore wrist, but mostly quite a bit weaker than he had ever expected. This was very concerning for him as he works with his hands. Since taking MAX all the inner swelling has gone and he has regained all of his strength in his hand. He is able to do pretty much everything he could before. His energy levels have also increased.

The next result he has gotten is in his knee. He has had 3 surgeries on his knee well over 10 years ago now. His knee was always twice the size of his other knee and he could never bend it more than half way. Since being on MAX he can sit cross legged and he can kneel on his knee without pain. The swelling is totally gone.

He also has diabetis and is now off avandia, he is off norvasc for his blood pressure problem and is looking forward to getting off all his medications in the near future.

For myself, I have notice far more energy. I had taken a fall back in February 2007,12 feet from the top of a stair well onto a cement floor. I broke my wrist as well as separated all my ribs on my right side. As i healed I noticed my energy levels were way low and I hurt everywhere all the time. I was unable to function hardly at all. I would get home from work and drop onto the couch and not be able to move. when I would wake up in the morning it was all I could do to get my day started. After taking MAX I woke up almost pain free and my energy levels were way up and was functioning again withing a week. I also suffered with a neck injury from a car accident around 7 years ago. I had severe whiplash. I had been seeing massage therapists and chiropractors for years but it never got past a certain point. Now I have almost full movement in my neck and only sometimes I get stiffness. Totally manageable. I am truly greatful MAX has come into my life. It has truly changed the quality of life especially as we get older when things go wrong it is usually so much harder for the body to fight back. MAX gives us that extra fight.” – Debbie

Max N-Fuze

Max N-Fuze

MAX N-Fuze: This product is absolutely incredible in how it supplements- and delivers the vitamins and minerals to your body.

Max N-Fuze- has a patent pending formulation and a revolutionary delivery system.

Inside our bodies we have naturally occurring antioxidants that we rely on for health and vitality. It isn’t by chance that we have these antioxidants that help us stay healthy and recover from sickness. It is widely accepted that these naturally occurring antioxidants created/ made from our bodies are by far more potent in preventing free radical damage than antioxidants from food sources.

Here are the Natural occuring antioxidants:

Superoxide Dismutase
Coenzyme Q10
Max GXL supports the master antioxidant – Glutathione

Max N-Fuze supports the other 3 naturally occuring antioxidants: Superoxide dismutase, Catalase, CoQ10

These antioxidants that our bodies produce naturally work collaboratively to protect cells and improve cellualr function and communication. Our health is directly related to the ability of cells to function and communicate.

With any supplement- vitamin- juice – etc.. absorption is the key to effectiveness. How fast does this product work- how fast does it get into the system to provide the protection of the cells- to help with energy.

Max N-Fuze has breakthrough technology that is small enough to slip through cellular membranes and allows absorption to begin in the mouth.
Nutrition as well as your diet is very important in health- loosing weight- preventing disease- and many other issues our bodies deal with on a daily basis. We can all say that we may not eat all the green leafy stuff that we are supposed to and that is where supplementation comes in. But please make sure you are not taking a multi-vitamin that is doing nothing but making your urine yellow.

Speaking of diet- what you eat.. I like what Jordan Rubin had to say about eating: We should Eat To Live- not Live To Eat… too many in our era have allowed food to become our idol- as seen in the obesity and overweight statistics.

Rubin also says that, “diet remains the single most influential factor in overall human health.”

God Speed!


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